HR services

We are multi-Legal services & HR solution provider.

Paltoo Prasad Shrivastav

HR Services

  1. Structuring organization
  2. Complete HR outsourcing
  3. Recruitment (Driver to Director & Peon to President) – College campus drive
  4. Career planning
  5. Increment & Promotions norms
  6. Incentive schemes
  7. HR Policy – setting norms and manual making
  8. Retirement gratuity
  9. Pay roll management
  10. Retirement scheme
  11. Performance Management system
  12. Business Re-engineering & development
Carrying out organizational survey, recognizing changes to be brought in, managing change and ensuring changes are effected for much better and consistent good business results, thereby ensuring good “turn around” of the company.

Industrial Relations

  1. Good employee’s relations management
  2. Negotiation with Employees union
  3. Agreement / Settlements
  4. Legal compliances
  5. Dealing with Labor departments
  6. Handling Industrial & Labour courts cases
predictive analytics

Training & Development

  1. Staff skill development, multi skilling, team working
  2. Basics of management
  3. Team building
  4. Leadership development
  5. Process of communication
  6. Total Quality Management (TQM) across the organisation – QC story, QC tools, 5S system, COPQ team working, continuous improvement, quality circles practices
  7. Movie making technic and skill courses such as a) script writing, b) film direction, c) cinematography, d) editing, e) sound etc etc

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